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My Place Amarillo & Lubbock Step Up to Help Healthcare Professionals

My Place Hotel in Amarillo and Lubbock, locally owned and operated franchises of My Place Hotels of America, are stepping up to help healthcare professionals.

“We’ve been watching how our community is coming together to get through this crisis and have been inspired to pitch in and do our part,” My Place Hotel owner Kevin Nelson said. “So, we decided to do what we do best, and that’s to help take care of people.”

The hotels will be reaching out to the medical society and local hospitals and will, subject to availability, provide free rooms to any healthcare professionals who need it.

“We’re seeing a trend across the nation of healthcare workers who need to be isolated as they make amazing sacrifices in order to take care of us,” Nelson said. “We have clean, comfortable rooms, which all have kitchens, where these heroes can come rest and relax after caring for our community all day.”

“If we find the demand for this service is larger than we anticipate, we’ll be ready to step up and help meet that demand however we can,” Nelson added. This could include additional free rooms or steeply discounted rates.

“When times get hard, our community always pulls together and helps those in need,”

Nelson added. “It’s what makes us so unique and makes the Texas Panhandle and South Plains such a great place to call home.”


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